Picking the winners will require a flexible mindset

Amit Lodha, Portfolio Manager for the Fidelity Global Equities Fund discusses why he believes the winners of the future will look very different from the past. New sectors and regions will emerge stronger than others, and it will be important to remain flexible.

Added: 18 August 2020

Cool Heads: Coronavirus, February 2020

Amit Lodha, global equity portfolio manager at Fidelity, and Judith Finegold, healthcare analyst and portfolio manager, discuss the emerging investment implications as Covid-19 spreads around the world.

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Added: 10 March 2020

The six biggest bull runs since 1962 (and their corrections)

We compare the current record bull market rally with previous ones over the past 60 years and consider whether or not it can last.

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Added: 19 November 2019

The benefits of investing in global listed infrastructure

Most of my clients portfolio include a portion invested into global listed infrastructure. Not quite sure how it fits in? Here’s a short information video from RARE Infrastructure to explain the benefits.

Added: 12 November 2019

Are Australian shareholders safe from global contagion?

With climate protesters in the streets, activists in the boardrooms and Donald Trump in the Whitehouse, your clients could be forgiven for feeling nervous. But are issues like Brexit and US–China trade tensions just background noise, or will they have real-world implications for your clients’ investments?

In the third and final instalment in our Australian Equities Insight Series, Martin Conlon, Schroders Head of Australian Equities, helps you and your clients answer these questions:

  • What does an uncertain global environment mean for Australian investors?
  • What role should environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors play in your investment choices – and what does truly sustainable investing really mean?

Geopolitical impacts on Australian equities

From trade tensions to Brexit, our headlines are dominated by global geopolitics. But behind the headlines are the long-term trends creating ongoing instability. Martin Conlon says the critical task facing central banks and policy makers is to find a new path for sustainable growth, moving the world away from ‘financialisation’ and destabilising wealth inequality.

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ESG and sustainable investing

Since the early 2000s, investors have been paying increasing intention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. But what roleshould ESG play in your investment choices, and what does sustainable investing really mean? According to Martin Conlon, ESG is just one part of a bigger picture – the continuing need for companies to think deeply about how theycreate enduring value for shareholders, customers, employees and the community.

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Added: 06 November  2019

Australian Equities Insight Series

In a low growth environment awash with easy credit, and the Australian share market already trading at near-record highs, navigating through the noise can be challenging. To answer some of the critical questions facing you and your clients we’ve created the Australian Equities Insight Series with Martin Conlon, Schroders Head of Australian Equities.

In part one of this three-part series, Martin will answer:

  • How will an uncertain global environment affect Australian investors?
  • How are record-low interest rates affecting the market?
  • How should investors be positioning their portfolios for the future?

You can view the first three videos of the series below. Make sure to keep an eye out for part two and three in the coming weeks.

Reporting season highlights – August 2019

What did the 2019 reporting season reveal about the health of Australia’s leading companies – and what lessons does it hold for investors? In this video, Martin Conlon discusses why in a low growth environment, it’s essential to look beyond day-to-day volatility and seek out companies with the characteristics for enduring success.

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Impact of lower interest rates

The RBA has been working hard to get more credit flowing in the face of sluggish growth. But with interest rates approaching zero, Martin Conlon says it’s becoming harder to give the economy a boost. And while a turnaround could come quickly, there is also the risk that any loss in confidence could negatively affect a share market riding high on easy credit.

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Portfolio positioning

What should investors and fund managers be doing now to position themselves for the future? According to Martin Conlon, Australia is approaching an inflection point unlike anything we’ve witnessed since the 1930s and 1940s. After decades of ‘financialisation’, banks and financial service companies are set to be eclipsed by ‘real economy’ companies as the engine of economic growth – which means investors need to start preparing now.

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Added: 03 October 2019

Should we be focusing on the real or the financial economy?

How should investors view increasing volatility in the market?

Find out from Martin Conlon, Head of Australian Equities for Schroders Investment Management in his two short videos where he suggests investors should be focusing and what to consider in today’s market.

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Added 22/1/2019

Planning for the next 10 years

With the 2020s just 15 months away, now is a great time to take a step back and think about the long-term. 10 years ago, the top 10 companies in the world were dominated by energy companies, and Chinese companies. Today, seven of the top 10 companies are technology companies.

Watch the video to hear Amit Lodha, Portfolio Manager at the Fidelity Global Equities Fund, explain which major tech company may not be around in 10 years’ time.

Added 18/12/2018

Risks of an overheating US economy

In this article from the Schroders Multi Asset team, they discuss the countdown to the US recession has started. Find out why it’s time to preserve capital not chase returns.

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added 27/11/2018

In this presentation from the Pinnacle Investment Summit 2018, Plato Investment Management’s Managing Director, Don Hamson, discusses: Diversifying risk in any environment, as well as the impact of the Labor proposal regarding the cessation of franking credits.

Added 20/11/2018

In his recent interview with Informed Investor, Chris Siniakov, Managing Director, Australian Fixed Income from Franklin Templeton explains that the Australian economy remains challenged – and that investors should get used to more moderate levels of economic activity.

He describes some of the key risk signals he is seeing in global bond markets and how excess liquidity around the world is likely to keep overall bond yields lower for longer.

Added 04/09/2018

With US / China trade agitations in the headlines, hear from Hamish Douglass, Magellan’s CEO and CIO, as to how he views various scenarios playing out and what the likely impacts could be on markets.

Added 5/8/2018

Dr Don Hamson from Plato Investment Management discusses the following:

– Who loses most from the ALP proposal to remove franking credits?
– Australian equities – the real impact for dividend imputation and retirement income?
– Will global equities and other asset classes become more attractive from an income perspective?

Fidelity Global Equities Fund celebrates 20 years!
Portfolio Manager Amit Lodha advises what’s changed and what is just as important today.

Global stock markets could face the most volatile period since 2008-09. Magellan Chief Investment Officer Hamish Douglass discusses the current economic situation and what they are doing with their portfolio.

In depth in eight minutes: How investors should behave before, during and after a correction. Richard Edgar from Fidelity explains…

As the majority of my clients have Schroders managing part of the Australian Equity exposure, here are some great short videos from Martin Conlon, Head of Australian Equities for Schroders:

Video 1: Martin discusses the impact interest rates have on the Australian equity market

Video 2: Martin gives his views on financial stability and the impact it has on the stock market

Video 3: Martin examines the Resource sector and why Schroders remain favourable to the sector

Video 4: Listen to Martin’s tips for investing

Video 5: Martin shares what to consider when comparing passive & active investing

Changes in Global GDP of the Top 10 countries

This link is a moving (yearly) infographic of the changes in Global Gross Domestic Product of the Top 10 countries. China wasn’t in the Top 10 in 1972 and it becomes number 2 by 2030 (India follows a similar path into 3rd), whilst USA reduces its share. Don’t bother expecting Australia to appear.



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